Friday, September 5, 2014


     Life right now is busy. It's drinking way more coffee everyday than I have drank in a few years. It's the struggle of working the evening shift and having my sleep schedule totally backwards. It's the ever-present opportunity of learning with every interaction at my job. It's the internal smile I feel as I walk out of the hospital at the end of the night and the gratitude I have to have the opportunity to even be there with all the good and the bad. It's the homemade breakfasts that I make myself every morning and the pumpkin pie spice that I add to my coffee every day. It's the new friends we meet and keeping up with our old and our dear. It's the kitty cuddles. It's the nights off when I get to make a meal with Tanner and watch Netflix and pretend I have no responsibilities for a while. It's the three classes I'm now taking for my bachelor's degree and the never ending reading list. It's curling up in my bed at the end of every day with my kindle and reading in the silence of the wee hours of the morning/night. It's happiness, craziness, stress, gratitude and heart feelings that are so full.

Reading: (aside from my school texts)

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen R. Covey 
    • ^Highly recommend this book to everyone. There's some really fantastic advice about    life and perception. This was assigned on a reading list for school and I'm quite glad about it.
  • The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down- Anne Fadiman
    • I'm not terribly far into this book but so far it's really good. A true story about a Hmong family and their interactions with the American health care system in taking care of their child with a very serious epilepsy case. Another that was on my reading list for school.
  • Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems
    • I found this one for my Kindle for $0.99. I love me some classic literature and sometimes I just need a break from my nursing reading. I've read a few of the short stories which are a perfect non-commitment read for the nights that I simply want to be entertained and not expected to retain anything. 

  • Just finished Mad Men Season 7 (the first half) and I'm so sad we have to wait until next year    to see the finale! If you haven't ever watched Mad Men, please do. Google it. It's great. 
  • Also just finished Game of Thrones Season 4. I read the books over the last 6 months and I'm also quite sad that I have to wait until next year for the next season/wait for who knows how long for the next book to come out... George R.R. Martin loves to break hearts.
  • Now watching Portlandia Season 3, which gives us many a great laugh. Fred Armisen is a genuis and there are way too many scenarios that are oddly familiar to Tanner and I... in other words we know we're hipsters.

Hope you are all good and happy! 

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