Friday, May 16, 2014


     are these days and nights. Happiness encompasses the majority of my days but there are some other raw, darker emotions that make their way into the light here and there, as they do with everyone. I feel a little trapped sometimes. By the weather, by my location, by my own expectations. I've been thinking a lot lately about traveling and all the adventures I want to take. But my thinking is much more realistic than just "I want to go here someday". Because I'm realizing that "someday" can be a terrible word at times. I want to do things NOW. The realization of how short life is a blessing and a burden, I'm grateful. I love my home and who I share it with but I also want to be a bird. I want to explore and fly and then be able to come back to my nest again. I know that now is my time. 

     In less than a week we leave for the west coast. Las Vegas & California- Disneyland, Sequoia National Forest, Yosemite National Forest, San Francisco and home again. My extended family will be going to Las Vegas as well. My grandpa (whom we call Far-Far) wanted to go there for his 90th birthday this May. So we decided to make it a trip for all of us. Tanner and I will only be staying there two nights and then renting a car to drive through California and do the rest of our trip just the two of us. We'll be staying with various relatives and friends as we travel along with a few nights in a hotel and one night in a canvas tent in the middle of Yosemite. This is our first "real" adult trip together that we actually (mostly) planned by ourselves. I want to do more and more of this. I want to have weekends where we just pack up and go camping somewhere. Anywhere. That's my thinking for this summer. Adventure. Exploration.

    Being a nurse can be hard as I work every other weekend. Its a day shift that I work so I can still do things in the evening but we can't really travel out of town on those weekends that I work. I've been fortunate to always have fun opportunities in all of my summers. I don't know if there was ever a year that I didn't get to go to my family's cabin (one of my favorite places ever) or go on a summer road trip or even just camping with my family. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for all of those memories my parents created with us, even if they involved Johnny Cash for hours on end and crabby mom and dad yelling at us four girls and a dog and maybe a fiance or boyfriend all crammed into the back of a suburban for a week. 

The man of honor, my Far-Far.

Monday, May 5, 2014


     As a photographer I don't have very many photos of myself. Also it seems that I mainly use my phone for "everyday" things since its always with me and carrying a DSLR around is a bit of a pain. So I feel that words might create a better image than my crappy phone photos but I'll include them nonetheless. May has started out with a bang. I've been really busy between my full time nursing job, planning our trip to the West coast for 10 days at the end of May, researching, purchasing and utilizing essential oils, seeing my family and getting together with friends, planning my very first real garden and starting my indoor herbs, getting as much sunshine as possible on those rare sunny days after a week of rain.


      I'm feeling so good and excited about life in general. Most of the time I am, I'm usually pretty optimistic. Right before we moved I was in a bit of a funk, feeling very trapped and down. Moving to a new beautiful environment has been so therapeutic. Partaking in "healthy practices" like yoga, clean eating, drinking lots of water and herbal tea and now learning all about essential oils always makes me feel really good as well. We have this one precious life here on earth, taking care of myself is a priority and I haven't always made that a priority in the past. I still love to indulge on certain foods, but I try my hardest to take care to cook from whole and healthy foods or to really read about what it is I'm putting in my body if its a processed food.

   Summer has also been at the forefront of my mind. The other day I was talking about it with Tanner (and this totally goes against what I just typed about eating whole and healthy foods) and I told him how all I want is to be floating in a lake on a 90 degree summer day with a bag of Cheetos. Hahaha I can't help myself. But I want hot days and cool water, warm nights and bonfires and star gazing and wet grass and sandy towels and grilled meat and bike rides and porch laughter. Give it to me. I'm ready.

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