Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Overdue Halloween Post

     Yes, yes I realize it's November 6th already, but I wanted to share my Halloween costume with everyone on here. The Saturday before Halloween we went to a Halloween party at some of our closest friend's apartment. I jokingly called it our "One Year of Friendship Anniversary Party" because it was at last year's Halloween party that we met every one in that whole group and over the last year we have proceeded to become the best of friends! Honestly though- last year was kind of a weird year for my husband and I as far as our friend-life went. We still hung out with a few people from high school but there was a big difference in our group from what it used to be. Things just weren't really the same. I think that's something that every 20-something has to go through, realizing that some of your older friends you were friends with because you happened to go to the same school, live in the same city.. etc. But then as an adult you find your niche in your "adult group" of friends. It's different. It's not people that you are friends with because you are all going through the high school experience together, you're friends because you choose to be and because you love these people. Now don't get me wrong, there are still a few high school friends that I do love a lot and that I still keep in contact with. But there are a lot of people who I considered friends who turned out to not really care for our friendship. And there are a lot of people who I simply have drifted apart from, which is completely natural and not necessarily unhealthy. That's just how relationships work in life sometimes. We all have our seasons.
     Anyways, I realize this post is about Halloween and not my life relationships so I'll get back to that. I went as Bride of Frankenstein and Tanner was Frankenstein's monster. I kind of let him get off the hook with his costume, just putting some make up and latex bolts on his neck. But I went all out for my part. I came home from work that afternoon and spent a solid two hours in the bathroom working on my hair and makeup. Go big or go home right? The party was fantastically fun as they always are. I should have taken a picture of my hair the next morning, it was scarier than the night of. I had to wash it three times to get out all of the ratting, hairspray and temporary hair dye. 

Frankenstein's monsters. Tanner decided he wanted to do his hair like that.

My corporate zombie Cati.

Two of my bestest friends. Cati and Kathleen.

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