Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thinking about Interior Decor

     I can slowly see my interior decor preferences changing. I love a lot of styles but I often try to incorporate too many in one room. Since I've moved into our current beige carpeted off-white wall apartment I've begun to pay much more attention to color. I was trying to force a style and color scheme upon this dwelling that simply just didn't work. And then I was like, hm, maybe I should try to work WITH the apartment and the colors instead of fighting against them. I am getting more and more excited to move to our new place. It's so gorgeous inside and I will have much more freedom with colors and styles. If you follow me on Pinterest you might already know some of my inspiration photos. I think if I had to put a label on what images inspire me, it would be mid-century modern and modern (whites, woods, and greens) mix with touches of rustic cottage here and there. So here are some images and styles that have been stuck in my head as of late.

I know for sure our new kitchen is all painted white which I LOVE. I can't wait to incorporate the organic components into the stark white. Our bedroom might not go all white but I do have ideas for just simplifying the decor and becoming a little more minimalist with it. I still love gallery walls and have a couple ideas for those in the living and dining room, but lately I've been all about stripping things down to the bare bones and decluttering, which is really quite a difference from what my style used to be.

Before, if I saw something I liked, I got it no matter what. Now I ask myself if do I love it? Do I need it? Is it useful? This is a great mantra to go by for decluttering your home and ridding your life of excess objects and therefor stress. I think the generation before ours was very possessive and that's kind of how I was raised, waste not want not. I certainly don't like to waste but saving every twisty tie and cardboard box etc seems to cause more stress than not saving things like that. I like to have certain things well stocked, but at the same time holding onto objects that you haven't used in years because you "might need it sometime" isn't really a healthy thing in my opinion. 

Ideas have been floating around in my head and getting them down on paper seems to really help me a lot. Once this has all actually taken place, photos will most certainly be posted. Until then, thanks for sharing inspiration with me. 

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