Tuesday, August 13, 2013


     I feel really really good right now. Like about everything. Today I went for a walk and that's what I want to tell you about. I set out for a powerwalk, as much of my day consists of being inside to work on pictures. I went a different way than my usual course today. The little "town" or whatever it is called of Falcon Heights has captured my heart. It's another one of those random little towns nestled in between St. Paul and Minneapolis, right by where we live. I thought that I had already figured out my exact dream neighborhood but I fell in love with this area even more than I thought was possible. Walking through the streets is like stepping back 60 years and walking right into the 1950's (except for the cars and current fashion). Almost all the houses around there are from that time period or even earlier. It is exactly where I want to be. It was like out of a movie perfect. I was picturing how amazing that neighborhood would be on Halloween night and quickly realized that Tanner and I need to take a walk with my camera on this October 31st if we happen to be home. It would be truly magical.
     Back to my walk. Like I said, it was just like out of a movie. A little girl running across yards to ask her neighbors to play and promptly skipping back to her mom to tell her where she'll be with church bells ringing along with birds chirping in the background. A basset hound sitting quietly and thoughtfully on the front steps of a perfect little house. An elderly man walking with two young children on old fashioned tricycles with bells. I got this beautiful feeling inside of my chest. A feeling that this is what I have been looking for and this is where I want to raise a family.
     And then something crazy happened. I started jogging. Now lately I have been working out more and trying to be more in shape, but jogging is something that I've always hated and never quite figured out how to do correctly. There was one time this spring that I was inspired by a friend of mine to try jogging again. I was thinking "It really can't be that hard.. so many people do it!". And then I did it. And I felt like I was going to die. Seriously like I was going to throw up and cough my lungs out and just die. So I gave up on any thoughts of becoming a jogger. But then today after about 40 minutes of powerwalking, I was ran across the street to beat the oncoming traffic and then I just kept jogging. And I jogged for like 10 minutes without feeling like throwing up or that my lungs were bleeding or anything like that! I was literally smiling to myself thinking "This is it! I'm actually doing it!" It felt so good and I'm so proud of my self for going that small distance (laughable to a regular I'm sure).
      I got back to our apartment and chatted with a fellow resident down by the mailboxes and since then I've just been in a wonderful mood. It helps that I had an amazing weekend with the best friends and my family whom I love more than anything and now I'm working full time and living life freely and happily and writing in ridiculous run-on sentances. Life is good.

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