Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recent Occurences

     Quickly I am realizing that it is time consuming to keep up a blog. Life has been a happy, busy blur for me this summer. To believe that it is already August is difficult. Time goes by so much faster than I would ever imagine it could. I feel like this summer I am finally free and really living! I am saying so many more yes's to plans and events than I have had a chance to with school going on. I have realized that you need to make every day count. Every weekend and every summer. Sometimes that means staying in, and that's okay! I can fully appreciate a night of cuddling and relaxing with my husband.
     I am a part of two weddings in our family this August. This last Saturday was one of my second cousins who got married at a bible camp that we have all gone to for years. It was such a beautiful and peaceful wedding. My feet were dirty and aching by the end of the day/night but I felt so good by the time we finally got "home" (my great grandma's house). That night after the reception we were all a little hungry. So we combined food, all of us that were staying with my Great Grandma, and had a late night feast. Not many people can say they stayed up till after 11 pm on a Saturday night making mac and cheese and eating ice cream with their dear 98 year old great grandma. It was one of those times in my life that I can't really describe but I made many mental notes throughout the event and I know I won't forget that anytime soon.
     This next weekend my first cousin is getting married. A small, beautiful little wedding will take place by the Mississippi river with celebrations to continue in the house where I grew up. For her wedding I will be a hairdresser, makeup artist and photographer. Not once have I officially been all three for a wedding. I am excited though, we did a test run and it was quite fun to prettify people! That morning I also signed up to donate blood in memory of a dear friend that I lost a few years ago. They do an annual blood drive and I haven't done it once yet. I'm a little nervous because when I last donated blood in high school I remember feeling very weak and lightheaded after. But I want to do this for her and for all of those people who have it so much worse than just feeling lightheaded for 15 minutes.
     Work has begun and in a couple weeks I will be working full time. I have a million pictures to edit right now which I go between feeling stressed and excited to work on them. I'm trying to do as much as possible to enjoy the rest of the summer but secretly I'm very excited for autumn!

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