Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Inspiration: Home Edition

     I set out to do another Friday inspiration post today because I really don't have any time to do a more dedicated post with my own pictures that have yet to be taken specifically for a post. I was just going to pull pretty images off of my Tumblr again, but then I decided that I could be a little more relevant to my thought process as of late. I feel like I'm constantly thinking and dreaming about houses and decor and all that good stuff. I know that we'll be at this apartment for probably another year, which is okay. It really is a nice place in a perfect location, but it doesn't exactly meet my creative interior decor needs, which isn't the worst thing in the world, but I cannot wait to get a true home of my own to do as I please with it (and note that I talk about me rather than us-Tanner and I- because we have come to this unspoken agreement that I'm kind of in charge of home decor, I let him hang his Batman poster inside of our closet but until he has his own room for music/Batman stuff there won't be too many Batman themed decorations visible inside our home).
     So anyways, here's some random inspiring images that I pulled off of my Pinterest! I would love to implement some of these ideas hopefully sometime soonish in our future. Someday I WILL have a clawfoot bathtub. Enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend!

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