Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Break?

     Now that I'm officially an adult and no longer a student, "Christmas Break" isn't really such a thing. I got extremely luck with my first nursing job in that I don't have to work on major holidays like Christmas Day and New Years Day.. etc. I was able to get 6 days in a row off the starting the Friday after Christmas and I have a nice little mini-vacation planned for Tanner and I. Starting with snowmobiling and staying at my parent's house out in the woods to going up north to Silver Bay to stay with Tanner's grandma and hopefully do a good amount of exploring, snowboarding and eating ridiculously good food. I've had the travel bug bite me and I'm eager to explore. We have a nice little trip in the works for next May as well. But anyways, we go up to Silver Bay almost every year after Christmas/around new years. Here are some photos from Christmas 2010/New Years 2011 that I shot (or Tanner shot of me) with my Pentax 35mm film camera. I hope everyone has a warm happy place to be this year and people they love to enjoy it with.


  1. those christmas tree pictures are so cute! i'm going to have to make my husband do them with me :)


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