Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Vintage Glasses Galore!

     I have this vision of my blog being awesome and flawless and featuring all the cool things in my life and my clothes and what not, and then it doesn't happen. I want to do these things but it's difficult living in an apartment (not a cute one at that), not really having anyone to take photos of you during daylight (which in Minnesota now a days is 8am to 4pm and both my husband and I work), and being lazy contributes to the mix as well. I have a lot of cute things to show you guys but I am a perfectionist and a very picky photographer when it comes to myself.
    So today I was looking through old pictures for inspiration, and I came across some photos from last April. My great-aunt passed away over a year ago now, and last spring her kids were getting the house ready for sale and invited the family over to see if there was anything we wanted. I found a lot of vintage treasures there. One was a beautiful old mirror that I absoultely adore. I found a lot of vintage fabric and scarves. Also a dress from the 60's era that I have yet to alter for proper fitting. But what I was going to show you today were these lovely eye glasses from the 1950's/1960's era. My great-aunt had kept these since then, they had her name and phone number on them in case they got lost!

The blue background is actually the dress that I got from her:
The dress is hanging from the lovely, lovely mirror I found. I ended up painting the frame black this summer which makes it just perfect for me. It's probably one of my favorite- and most frequently used- household items. I did a blog post all about it here.

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