Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Quick Note on this 26th of December

     Christmas has come and gone already but we still have more celebrating to do. I will be on a little blogger hiatus (although I know I only post once a week anyways) as we are having our little mini winter vacation starting tomorrow. So far its been a lovely couple of days with family and over eating and lazing about and I expect the next week to be pretty similar. Here are some things that will be included in the coming days' activities:

  • Snow shoeing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowy woodsy walks
  • Eating delicious food
  • Watching HGTV
  • Watching Food Network
  • Playing with kitties
  • Seeing my baby niece
  • Photographing snowy Minnesota
  • Mini road trip to Northern Minnesota
  • Having drinks with Grandma and playing Mexican Train Dominoes
  • New Years Eve celebrations with best friends
SO it's probably going to be a pretty fun week off of work. I'm hoping everyone is having a fantastic holiday and I'll check in with lots of photos next week! Also here's the best picture I've ever taken of my niece:

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