Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vintage Mirror Makeover

     It's been an awfully gloomy couple of weeks here in Minnesota. I'm getting really tired of the rain and of studying for my impending state nursing boards coming up next week. It will be such a relief to get them done with. Then I can really clean out all my school stuff. When I graduated I recycled 2 large boxes just of papers from school. I still have lots of other nursing school related things that I can't wait to get out of our cluttered apartment as soon as possible.

     Anywhoo, between studying and editing wedding photos I've been trying to do some fun activities that I've been wanting to do for a while. One of them is learning how to sew, and all the further I've gotten is getting my machine tuned up.. so I've got some progress yet to go with that one.

     I have had this mirror for a couple of months now. It was an awesome find in my great aunt's basement who recently passed away. Her husband used to do wedding decorations including bridal veils and what not, he was talented! So this mirror he used for the brides to look in on their wedding day. I can't quite place the year but it's definitely an old mirror. I would guess from the 60's at some point in time? It has held up great- although the paper backing has taken some hits. It's a big mirror (and heavy too might I add that... my arms are sore today from carrying it by myself up and down from our apartment yesterday), and nowadays to find a mirror of this quality and size would probably be a couple hundred dollars. Much of my furniture has a black finish to it and I wanted to have this mirror match! The black looks so good on it, I'm really happy with the results. While we were spray painting we realized that it looked cool to have just hints of gold peeking through the black, so we left it like that. I'm digging it.


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