Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back to the 50's

     I have been naughty and went on a little unintentional blogging hiatus. This last week has just been kinda crazy and busy! Also Tanner got a new computer so transferring all my stuff to his has been hectic as well. Anyways, time for some vintage cars and fashion! This last Saturday I went to the Back to the 50's car show with my parents. It's held at the state fair grounds (of MN- so HUGE) and tons of people come from all over with their old cars. My grandparents and my aunt and uncle have old cars that they bring every year. So it's fun to see a bunch of family and friends there!

Feeling more of the 1950's housewife on this day! Unfortunately it was really hot and humid and my curls did not last!

My Uncle's truck and in front is my Grandma's car.

Probably my favorite shot (above) my Aunt and Uncle's car.

My sweetie who carried my camera case and took pictures of me all day with out complaining once!

My lovely Grandma who is a hot-rod lovin' mamma! 

Being a little sassy yes

Right before this a lady actually asked me if she could take my picture! So pretty much I'm famous now.. ;)



My sister and a teensy car!

 A sweet little girl riding with her pops

Wasn't this car made for me?


Riding home

Me and my momma!

So I hope to not be so long before my next post. I am starting my new job tomorrow which is really crazy to think about. But I definitely have some new post ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned! 


  1. A vintage car show-how FUN! I wish I had more events like this to go to. I love old car shows and you are the perfect beauty to add alongside. I adore your touches of red in this outfit! And aren't husbands the best photographers? I know, I make my hubby to all the dirty work too ;)

    1. Thanks Katie! There's a ton of car shows around the city. This is probably the biggest one though!


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