Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Sunny Easter Afternoon

     Easter Sunday was absolutely beautiful and perfect, finally a day that lives up to its name. Holidays in our family are always spent with as many members of our family as possible. After staying at my parent's house on Saturday night and dyeing Easter eggs, we got to see the Carlson side of the family for brunch and some afternoon sunning. 70 degrees and sunny, we spent the afternoon absorbing as many rays as possible after this hellishly long winter. 

  Baby girl loves her sunnies.

In the evening we went to the O'Shea side of the family. Apparently I forgot about my camera at this point in the day. I was so appreciative of the beautiful weather and seeing my family and the laughter and the food that my camera went on the back burner of my mind. So thankful for these days and for this life I've been given.

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