Monday, April 7, 2014

Waking up

     It's been a while. Life has been bright and energetic and busy and beautiful. I find myself going to social media less and being more present and happy in real life. Moving to a beautiful new place and creating my own homey environment with my love and our new cat has had a huge impact on me and really gave me a breath of fresh air. Not to mention Minnesota has decided to actually give us a little taste of spring and sunshine the last few days.

     Walks through our little Como neighborhood here in St. Paul with the sunshine on our backs. Walking down to the little corner market and buying pretzel buns. Homemade meals and Game of Thrones. Kitty cuddles. Laughter and hanging Christmas lights inside our 3 season porch. Neighbor dog barking at 6:30am and morning light coming through the window. The slow purr of our coffee maker and the smell of cozy morning goodness. Afternoon sunshine coming through our old windows and onto the uneven hardwood floors. Kitty sitting in the window watching the world go by. Tanner playing his guitar/banjo as I get ready for bed. Unexpected kisses and embraces. Hot baths in a leaky bathtub. Succulents in the window. Moments I have collected and want to cherish.

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