Friday, September 27, 2013

Officially Autumn

This last Saturday I went to an apple orchard with my family! We were celebrating about 6 fall birthdays and it's been a tradition to go to this beautiful orchard every year. It's officially fall now and I'm loving it. Yes I'm  kind of that stereotypical white girl who loves fall, but I fully embrace that. I bought myself an amazing smelling candle (a wood wick, totally worth the $14), baked a mock apple pie using zucchini (grandma's recipe), made homemade applesauce and banana pumpkin muffins. Oh and I also broke out the scarves and skinny jeans and boots so you can see that I'm loving all that is fall. 

Anyways, at this cute little apple orchard we took a hay ride, saw some adorable baby goats, ate many yummy samples and bought ourselves caramel apples and other homegrown apple delicacies. 

Our little screaming Annabelle. 


Not our baby but a cute little child in a poncho.. I couldn't resist.

Had to finish the day with a little impromptu photoshoot. It really was a perfect fall day.
Stay tuned for my next fall themed blog post: Homemade Iced Chai Tea Lattes. Seriously they're amazing and you don't want to miss this recipe. 

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