Friday, September 13, 2013

The Zane Wedding

On the 10th of August my cousin Sierra wed Robbie and a new little family was formed! It was a sweet and intimate ceremony at a park by the river and a reception at her parent's home nearby which coincidentally is the home that I grew up in. It was really cool to see them celebrate their marriage there along with all of the other memories that take place in that house. The day turned out to be beautiful for them as well as the evening. What caught me off guard and wrenched my heart was at the beginning of the ceremony, Robbie had written vows to Jayden, Sierra's son. He promised to him that he will be the best step father he could possibly be and told him that he loves him. It was incredibly sweet.

Such a sweet new family.

First look

Stopped at DQ for a quick icecream!

First dance

Father and Daughter. 

It turns out one of the bridesmaids is a fire dancer!

A perfect day and evening for this sweet couple.

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