Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Fall is coming. I celebrated by buying myself a fourteen dollar natural candle that has a wooden wick that crackles as it burns but I have yet to burn it due to the fact that we are still using our air conditioning and burning a candle would be counterproductive. I want the lazy days and nights that consist of leggings and sweaters and candles and coffee and movies and art, but alas, I am no care-free college student anymore (although I'm not sure if I ever was carefree during college). But really, I've been more busy than my liking. Mostly on pictures at this point. I come home from my real job and work on pictures the whole evening. I want to come home and cook and play and be lazy again. Soon enough I will, once picture season slows down a bit. I'm just finding that it can be difficult to balance things like that in my life. I do not miss being in nursing school though, that's for sure. To not have a million things to cram into my brain feels nice. I hope to start writing and creating more again. Until then, bear with me.

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