Friday, July 11, 2014


     I took a whopping 20 photos with my camera when we visited Disneyland, haha. I took more on my phone which I will include in this post. Disneyland was fun. It was also very crowded and carrying around my bulky camera was something I probably wouldn't do again considering the scant amount of photos I actually took with it. We made a couple of mistakes in planning this magical day. One, we went on a Saturday. Two, it was Memorial Day Weekend. And Three, apparently its common for Californian freshly graduated high school seniors to go to Disneyland as a group on THIS FREAKING WEEKEND. Haha seriously though, there were a TON of them there. So that made the lines ultra long and navigating a walkway was almost impossible without running into and pushing through tons and tons of people. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. And yes, I do understand that it's Disneyland, so it's always crowded. But I feel like it was extra crowded just for us. And we do the Minnesota State Fair regularly so I'm no stranger to crowded places.
    SO, despite all that we still had a good time. Favorite things about Disneyland: the lights and lanterns and fairytale scenery. I'm all about that. Especially when it got dark, it lived up to it's magical reputation. Favorite ride: Pirates of the Caribbean, as has always been since I first visited back in 7th (?) grade. The ambiance is just SO GOOD, makes you want to leave all your life goals and ambitions behind to time travel to the Caribbean at the peak of piracy and sail away with a cup of rum in hand and an arm around a sexy pirate man. Haha, I'm just kidding, but its a fun ride. Other favorites of mine include the Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones.

Tanner had a great attitude on this day.

-the following photos were taken with my phone so please excuse the poor quality-

I finally understand the hype behind Dole Whip. It's pretty dang good.

Adventureland was definitely my favorite.

     The roller coasters were of course fun as well, but the lines were just crazy for those. We did a fast pass for a couple of them, but even then it's not terribly fast. The line for Space Mountain was just insane and we picked up fast passes for that too late, so we decided to wait in line when that was our last ride to go on. We got lucky and ended up talking to one of the workers there who brought us to the front of the line (this was after about an hour of waiting already so we did our time) and let us board way earlier than we had expected. We had mentioned that it was Tanner's first time there and she told us that she wanted us to have a good experience. It was totally unnecessary and super sweet.
     After 11 hours of standing in lines and people and all that goes along with Disneyland, we were pretty tired. I'm looking forward to bringing our future little ones there and seeing the magic through their eyes. Also to have the excuse to go on all the kiddie rides with them!

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