Friday, July 18, 2014

Sequoia National Forest

     Beauty. So much beauty. Sequoia and Yosemite were absolutely my (I think Tanner's too) favorite parts of the trip. Isn't it funny how aside from memories we can only try to photograph the amazement of nature but we can never quite fully capture the grandeur of it all. A family camping trip WILL happen in the future in these two amazing, beautiful parks. These photos are from our day in Sequioa. We booked a "lodge" at the base of the park before the mountains. I say "lodge" because that's what the website had lead us to believe but really it was a motel decked out in 70's elk decor. It had a certain charm, but also a feeling of  "We could totally get murdered here and no one would ever know". We survived the night, as you may have deducted so far.
     Anyways, back to the day. We checked in at our motel and then headed up the mountain into the park. The actual distance up the mountain really wasn't very far at all but in order to get there (for those of you who have experience with mountain driving) it's back and forth twisty roads all the way up. A family story my mom loves to tell was about the first time they brought us to Colorado. I was pretty young and didn't understand that mountains don't actually look like pointy triangles despite all the logical reasoning in the world. I cried and cried the whole way because I was terrified that  we were going to fall off the top of the mountain. Of course I didn't even realize when we were on the mountain at the time, and my parents say to me, "Look Jess, we're on a mountain!". And I was like "Oh!". And then I loved mountains! 
     There are so many things to do in these parks, and one word of advice that I give to my fellow travelers, spend more than one day in each park! There are so many things to do. We drove up most of the mountain, stopping many times to walk around and take a few trails.

-Remember to click the photos to enlarge them! Unfortunately Blogger isn't the best photo-hosting platform in the world (it beats Facebook though) so a few of the photo qualities are different than the original. Again, that's probably mostly myself noticing this anyway. Okay I'll stop rambling and let you see photos!-

My handsome travel buddy.

Moro rock, we ended up on top of there by the end of the day.

     Giant Forest. So magnificent and ancient. Many of the trees are over 2,000 years old. 2,000 YEARS! Can you imagine all that they have seen and will continue to see in their tree-lives? So much beauty and wisdom here.

The General Sherman: The largest tree by volume in the entire world. 

     Of course we had to take the touristy photo in front of it! This doesn't even do the tree justice, where we were standing was at least a good 20 feet or so away from the base of the tree. They had it surrounded with a fence, which probably is wise considering the inconsiderate people who can't seem to respect nature.

     We ended up on Moro Rock (previously pictured) right at sundown. We sat on the summit of a mountain and watched the sunset. I know that's something I will remember for the rest of my life. It was amazing. Words don't do it justice. Even these photos don't do it justice but they're a peek into what we were experiencing. 

A well camouflaged little guy getting the last of the day's sun.

This is a day that I will remember for a long, long time.


  1. It's days like this that count the most! Gorgeous photos!

  2. It's days like this that count the most! Gorgeous photos!


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