Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Las Vegas Day Two

     I've been the slowest person in the world in getting these photos on here, this I know. But life is happening all around me: 1st and 99th birthday parties, proposals, births, holidays... I've been busy. But here we are, our second day in Las Vegas. We walked and walked and walked on this day. Nikki, my sister, had a pedometer on her phone (which I kept wanting to download and kept forgetting to download) and she had walked over 12 miles by the end of the day. I think Tanner and I walked even a little more because we went to the stratosphere with my parents when Nikki went back to the hotel to hang out. Needless to say, we were pretty tired by the end of the day. We started out walking south on the strip, walking in and out of hotels and casinos and seeing all there is to see. 

In the Flamingo gardens.

The kids (minus Tanner). Sorry David.

     The weather was actually pretty nice when we were there. It was right around 80/85 degrees during the day and a little cooler at night. I was craving the sunshine and I got it without the excess heat.

Bandeaus and tanktops am I right


The Cosmopolitan.

     New York, New York was like being in a huge theater set. A mini NYC inside of a hotel! This is the hotel that has the rollercoaster on the roof. We decided not to go on it because we're stingy but I think my sisters/cousins went back the next day to ride it.

Even the bathroom signs are fancy.

Had to make a stop in the candy store of course.


My sexy sour face.

     As I mentioned earlier, Tanner and I went to the stratosphere with my parents where you can view Las Vegas from above. It's a little weird to me that all this craziness is just a little city in the middle of the desert surrounded by beautiful mountains.

     Power tower on top of the building. No I didn't ride that. Tanner and my dad did ride one of the spinning rides that puts you out over the side of the building though. It made me dizzy just watching them from below. I've never been one for spinny rides.

Tanner flirting with my mom like always.

     After the stratosphere we took a cab downtown, which was... interesting. There were some cool street performers and I met one of my favorite Johnny characters of all time (pictured below) but overall, downtown wasn't my favorite part of the trip. Too much craziness. And cigarette smoke.

Street artists carving tourist faces from clay.

Kind of a crappy photo but this is the famous shark tank that has a water slide through the middle of it.

Cozy cab ride back to the hotel.

     Favorite things about Las Vegas:
  • the flight there
  • seeing Evan (my little sister's boyfriend) try to slide across a couch in the middle of a shopping center with a running start but completely biff it and take the pillow cushions to the floor with him
  • exploring with my family
  • HGTV in the hotel room
     To sum it up, Vegas was cool but I'm not rushing to get back there. It's a little much for me and I'm realizing that I enjoy the more nature-y side of things when it comes to traveling. I'm glad we experienced it but since we don't have millions of dollars to blow we were happy to move on with our trip. Up next, California!

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