Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    Alright, I'm going on a rant here. I'm really tired of reading posts that a bunch of "free-spirited" 16 year olds probably wrote about their philosophy on modern society and how freaking easy it is to just let everything go and not worry about a pay check and travel the world with no looking back. It's not that simple. It's fun to dream about these things, but unfortunately we don't really have a choice in how modern society works. At this point there's a very slim chance that we'll ever all just go back to a system without money or corporations and live completely off the land in a house that we made with our bare hands from a tree freshly chopped from the forest. It's a beautiful dream, but money or the concept of money has been around for quite a while and it does indeed make the world go round. I'm not saying that you can't be adventurous and create beautiful memories all around the world, but someone's gotta pay for that plane ticket, and hotel, or even hostel. If you happen to have friends all around the world that you can stay with, that's cool too, but someone is still paying money to cover your head at night. If you want to do big, beautiful things, you are going to have to do some hard work. That's life. Even back in the day when there weren't 9-5's, people worked probably even harder than many of us do today to sustain themselves and their families and have a roof over their head and a fire in their hearth and food on their table. We still have to do that, but in a more round about way. Also, there are rewarding jobs out there that some people actually enjoy doing! Imagine that! So now we have a couple of options. You can work hard and make your dreams come true and quit freaking complaining, you can quit your job and "not worry about a paycheck" and see how long that lasts (also if you've seen Into the Wild you may realize that sometimes we are not as competent in nature survival as we'd like to think), or you can sit in your cozy home on your fancy computer and make entitled posts about it on tumblr and facebook.

End rant.

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