Thursday, January 9, 2014

Big Lake Christmas and Frozen Adventuring

     Day one of our little trip was nice. We ran around to pick up some last minute gifts in the morning, and then drove out to my parents house in the snow woods. In the afternoon we bundled up and attempted snow shoeing through the woods and down to the frozen lake with a little orange kitty named Weasley trailing after us. When we got down there we laid on the snowy ice for about fifteen minutes with silence between us and the noise of the world around us. Evening activities included hot chocolate, pizza, fire places, crocheting, hanging out with my parents, reading and snuggling.

     Day two at my parent's began with sleeping in, homemade venison sausage and eggs for breakfast, and taking beautiful frosted photos out on my parent's porch. We went snowmobiling through the state forest by my parents house. We were surrounded by snowy evergreens and animal prints. In the afternoon after a hot shower and a cup of tea my grandparents came over. With my mom and my grandma I went for another long walk through the woods and down to the lake. We came back as the sun was setting and one by one my sisters and their loved ones arrived for dinner. I got so much playtime with my sweet little niece. She's 6 months old now, and so, so adorable. She's not really scared of us anymore as she was a couple months ago. We all got lots of giggles and snuggles. Also to be noted, she really likes the banjo (I gave Tanner one for Christmas!)

     For dinner my family made prime rib, shrimp and scallops with baked potatoes, tequila berry salad and
homemade sweet bread with honey butter. Baked Alaska made by my grandmother was served for dessert. We opened gifts after dinner. My parents are always the best gift givers, they put in a lot of thought and effort to get us gifts that we love and need. I got a new (much needed) camera bag- backpack style, new snow pants (also desperately needed) and a box full of wholefoods goods. The night was ended by being cozy on the couch, good television, good company and lots of laughter. We went to bed late and were up bright and early (well not so bright as the sun was not quite yet up) and hit the road for Silver Bay- photos to be seen in the next blog post!

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