Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Silver Bay

     Our mini winter vacation concluded with a little road trip up to the North Shore. We stayed with Tanner's grandma up in Silver Bay (as we do almost every year), a beautiful little town nestled in amongst the snowy bluffs and Lake Superior. It ended up being extremely cold while we were up there, most of the days were -10 below and colder. So as you can imagine much of our time was spent inside, which was actually quite nice. Lots of HGTV, mexican train dominoes (which I WHOOPED Tanner at) and so much delicious food. Most of these photos were taken during the commute to or from there, out the car window. 

 It was hard to capture the majesty of the lake on camera, but it had steam rolling off of its waves.

Sweet deer right out side the house!

The marina.

Lukewarm car ride there and back.

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